Relocation Reviews

by Kim

We had traveled from Broome to Perth by wonderful grate 4WD rooftop tent land cruiser. we booked using which is campervan relocation website. First we was going to take down flight from Broome to Perth. Because we didn't have any vehicles. But Just few days before we left, we found the deal from Broome to Perth!! In the coseats web site. IT'S JUST 1 DOLLAR PER DAY. UNBELIEVABLE.. We thought it's destiny,. We have to get it! So we applied and just few minutes later we got the confirmed. Read Kim's blog post...

by Zara

I was genuinely sad to hand back the campervan; it had been our home for six fantastic days. The flexibility and spontaneity of the trip was refreshing and life on the road was good. We met so many interesting people along the way; people we will probably never see again but who we shared some amazing moments with. Read Zara's blog post...

by Emma

If you haven't heard of CoSeats before it is going to change your life. The campervan relocation website CoSeats looks for people to relocate a campervan, motorhome or 4wd between two different points in Australia from as little as $1 a day. Yep, $1 a day (and sometimes even free) to take a road trip across Australia in all different directions, and includes everything you could need in a campervan. Nope, I'm not joking, this is legit! Read Emma's story...

by Leah

The last week for us involved a mammoth 2900km roadtrip all the way down East Coast Australia from Cairns to Sydney using and what a great way to experience and see the vast landscape! A few recommended whistle-stops includes the picturesque palm tree splattered Cardwell, for a quick tea break, Bunderberg for some delicious rum sampling, and of course Byron Bay to observe the surf pros gliding across the waves. You’ll never be far from a beautiful hidden beach, we discovered Grants Beach just south from Port Macquarie!

by Mareike

Roadtrip Alice Springs - Adeleide
We did our third relocation with This time we went from Alice Springs to Adeleide. Our first stop was the amazing Uluru where we watched the sun set. After watching the sunrise in the National Park again we walked in Taka Tjuta to the Valley of the Winds. Our next overnight stop was at the Kings Canyon Resort. We did the Kings Canyon Rim Walk , an 3-4h hike. Then we had to drive all the way down to Adeleide, but we booked an additional day in advance so we didn't have to rush. Looking forward to our next relocation adventure.

by Jonathan

Coseats is a reliable organization and gives backpackers the opportunity to do a roadtrip for less money. I've done a relocation between Cairns and Brisbane, and I had a wonderful time. I can strongly recommend Coseats if you're planning a roadtrip in Australia.

by Gianluca

I've never consider relocations before, mainly because I mostly travel alone, and I didn't really know how the process worked. In one of those moment of pure madness - created by my butt getting flatter and flatter - I grabbed my phone, checked my bank account, made sure that I had at least $1500, typed "relocation" on google, clicked on the apparently most reliable website,, (which I can now confirm that the process with Coseats has been extremely pain free, smooth and pleasant) and looked at the available destinations from Cairns. Read more...

by Terri

For the past three days we've "relocated" a six berth motorhome from Melbourne to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road for $5/day! Thanks @coseats! This is such a great way to have a cheap getaway (or leave more room in the budget for helicopter rides :). We'll definitely relocate again and you can too!

by Vanessa

My boyfriend Tom and I recently took a campervan from Brisbane on March 15 to Sydney on the 17th. Along the way, we had quite an adventure! We stopped in Byron Bay and had some awesome food and walked around the town. We also camped overnight in a tiny town, hung out with some locals, fed Pelicans and played a game of pool. On our last day, in between rocking out to Bob Marley songs we stopped at a beautiful quiet beach called Booti Booti Beach. We played in the waves, collected seashells and peipei's and I taught my boyfriend about surfing. Thanks so much for providing us with the opportunity to travel so cheaply!!
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